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         This is a 24 hour automated service :O)

Problems logging in?

If you have been recording for some time, you may not have our current web address saved on your favourites. Please check that you are going to:


There are lots of other simple things that might be stopping you logging in. Most of them are easy to fix, so we’ve made what we hope is a good explanation and guide to getting you logged in.

password help

username help

I'm using the correct details, but the site won't let me in!

Your computer may be stopping you doing so…

  • How do I know I'm logged in?
    Click on the 'record' button on the home page. This takes you to the login page, now click the 'login' button and enter your username and password. Your records page will appear, with a message such as "Hi Sue" on the left hand side of the page.

  • How login works
    When you log in to a website, a small file called a “cookie” is sent from the website to your computer with your login details in it. This is the thing that tells the site who you are. Without it, the site thinks you’re a new, unknown person every time you click anything, so the idea of being “logged in” is lost.

  • Cookies
    You can alter your internet settings to allow the phenology website cookie to work…
    In Internet Explorer:
    • click the Tools menu
    • select Internet Options
    • click the Privacy tab at the top
    • click the Sites button
    • add the website to your Allow list
    • (do this by typing the website address - eg www.naturescalendar.org.uk - and clicking the Allow button)
    • click apply / ok to close the menus
    • close Internet Explorer

      When you go back to the website, login should work. If it doesn’t:
  • firewalls, internet security and antivirus programmes
    Some programmes, such as Norton and ZoneAlarm, are ultra-sensitive to functionality on websites. Messages along the lines of “this website is trying to access your computer” or “your computer is at risk from a trojan work virus” may pop up when you try to log in to the website.
    • try disabling / closing this programme temporarily (don’t worry - it will come back when you restart Windows)
    • close any Internet Explorer windows you have open
    • when you go back to the website, login should work
    • if you still get warning messages popping up from another security programme, you have closed the wrong one.
      If you don’t get any warning messages, but login still doesn’t work, please email us (telling us you’ve tried the above) and we’ll do our best to help (though please remember it's often something on your computer that we can't see from our end).

Taken part before?

If you have submitted records in the past via the BBC Springwatch website, and you have not filled in a registration form online on Nature's Calendar, or by telephone with the Woodland Trust, you are not registered. 

If you're not sure if you are registered, contact us with your supporter number (e.g. 303264395) and we will check for you.

Please do not re-register
as this splits your previous records.

We hope these pointers help and aren’t too complicated. If you have any questions or further problems, please call 0330 333 3300 or email naturescalendar@woodland-trust.org.uk