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Look out for dog rose flowers this month.

Chapter 6

Case studies

Phenology heroes

Download season planners for year round recording

pdf file  Spring events planner

pdf file  Autumn events planner

Hayfever story

Tips for examining pollen grains under a light microscope

Hayfever and its impact on breathing

Hayfever treatments and pollen counts

Seasonal pollen forecasts

Pollen calendar

Live maps and averages for hayfever trigger species

Live maps

Try looking at hazel, silver birch and oak flowering and cocksfoot and timothy, meadow foxtail and yorkshire fog flowering

Tabs for last season can be used to access events from across the year

A frog's tale

Live maps for frogspawn and tadpole sightings

Averages for frogspawn and tadpole sightings


Live maps for orange tip and garlic mustard

Averages for orange tip and garlic mustard

The story of oak and ash

Live maps and averages for ash leafing

Live maps and averages for oak leafing

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