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Frogspawn. Margaret Bartonfrogspawn

Rana temporaria


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A mass of thick, transluscent jelly with dark specks throughout
The specks are eggs – often 5000 are laid at once
Frogspawn. Christine Martin

Where found

Ponds, ditches and slow moving streams

When to look for 

  • Usually appears in February / March although look out for early spawn - view live map
  • Tadpoles begin to emerge after about one month

 Fabulous frogspawn facts

  • Frogs can sometimes be fooled by unseasonally warm weather into spawning too soon. We receive records most years of exceptional sightings in November and December

  • Such early spawn is then vulnerable to freezing while it floats on the top of the pond. Frogs only mate once per season so if they are caught out, their breeding effort for the year is wasted

  • Colder winters reduce the risk of early spawning, but bring their own problems as frogs that have hibernated at the bottom of ponds can die if there is a layer of ice on the pond and oxygen levels become too low