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Great tit. Margaret Bartongreat tit

Parus major


Why not download our great tit fact sheet?

great tit fact sheet

  • Largest of the tits, averaging 14cm long
  • Similar colouring to the blue tit, but with a black 'cap' and breast band
  • A fairly raucous, metallic call – sounds like 'see-saw' or 'teacher-teacher' - click on the recording below to listen:

Where foundGreat tit nesting. Eaglestein

Deciduous and mixed woodland, hedges, gardens and parks.

When to look for

  • A resident bird so it may be seen throughout the year
  • Breeds between March and May, in most years producing two broods. View live maps of great tit first nest building and first feeding young

Fabulous great tit facts

  • Great tits are a common woodland bird throughout Europe, the Middle East, Central and Northern Asia and parts of North Africa

  • Feeding mostly on insects in the summer, they eat a wider range of foods in the winter

  • They nest in cavities, usually a hole in a tree

  • The female lays around twelve eggs and incubates them herself, although both parents raise the chicks

  • Their nests are prone to raids by woodpeckers, squirrels and weasels

  • Adult birds are sometimes hunted by sparrowhawks

  • In winter they flock together with other tits and roam the countryside looking for food