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Redwing. Christian, Wikimedia Commonsredwing

Turdus iliacus


Why not download our redwing fact sheet?

redwing fact sheet

  • Smallest thrush in the UK
  • Distinctive creamy-white eye-stripe 
  • Conspicuous reddish flanks and underwing
  • High-pitched call “see-ip” often heard from migrating flocks flying overhead at night - click on the recording below to listen to them:

Where foundRedwing. www.moorhen.demon.co.uk

Widespread in open country and hedgerows; visits gardens in hard weather.

Often found with fieldfares.

A scarce breeder in northern Scotland.

When to look for

Did you know?

  • Redwings nest in shrubs or on the ground, laying four to six eggs in a neat nest

  • Redwings are a classic night-time migrant - listen out on dark clear autumn and early winter nights, particularly in the east of the country, and you are likely to hear the thin 'tseep' of migrating redwing overhead

  • They eat worms and berries, and are known to be picky feeders