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Song thrush. Colin Varndellsong thrush

Turdus philomelos


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song thrush facts

  • The same family as the blackbird although slightly smaller
  • Brown back with pale, speckled underparts
  • Not to be confused with the larger, more greyish coloured mistle thrush, which Song thrush. Margaret Bartonhas very distinctive white corners to its tail

Where found

Gardens, heaths, woods and fields.

When to look for

A resident species, so present all year, but listen for their song, a series of repeated tunes throughout the winter as they may sing all year.
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Fabulous song thrush facts

  • Song thrushes are known to sing all winter in urban areas because of the presence of street lights

  • On the ground they hop and run, pausing from time to time with the head held to one side

  • Their diet consists of worms, snails, caterpillars and other insects, fruit and berries

  • They are noted for their practice of smashing snail shells against rocks or concrete paths with a flick of the head

  • Nests are built in trees, shrubs or ivy and sometimes in sheds and outbuildings, and are made of dry plant stems with an interior of mud held together with saliva

  • The clutch of four to six eggs is incubated by the hen bird alone for up to 14 days. Both parents feed the chicks for the next fortnight, after which they leave the nest but continue to be fed by their parents