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Wild garlic. Christine Martinwild garlic

Allium ursinum
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Why not download our wild garlic fact sheet and delicious wild garlic recipe?

download FREE wild garlic fact sheet wild garlic fact sheet

               Wild garlic and ricotta gnocchi

  • White, starry flowers with pointed petals

  • Up to 20 flowers in a cluster at the top of the stalk 
  • Grows up to 45cm tall

  • Can form dense carpets, filling the air with the scent of garlic

Wild garlic. Karen FisherWhere found

Deciduous woodlands and hedge banks, in moist soil.

When to look for

  • Leaves in March

  • Flowers April-June

Fabulous wild garlic facts

  • Also called Ramsons

  • Young leaves can be added to soups, sauces and salads

  • The Latin name ‘ursinum’ refers to the brown bear’s taste for the bulbs. They are also a favourite with wild boars

  • Used traditionally throughout Europe as a spring tonic due to its blood-purifying properties, it is also thought to lower cholesterol

  • The leaves were once boiled and the resulting liqid used as a disinfectant

  • A good indicator of ancient woodland