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7-spot ladybird. Wikimedia Commonsladybird (7-spot)

Coccinella 7-punctata


Why not download our 7-spot ladybird fact sheet?

ladybird (7-spot) fact sheet

ladybird ID sheet   ladybird ID sheet

 mating 7 spot ladybirds. Anneliese Emmans-Dean
Very familiar brightly coloured red/orange beetle.

  • Seven black spots
  • Three on each wing case (elytra), the seventh at the front embracing both elytra

Where found

www.moorhen.me.ukWidespread. Everywhere, feeding on aphids.

When to look for

Fabulous ladybird facts

  • The 7-spot is considered to be the ladybird, the name deriving from Christian mythology in which the 'lady' is The Virgin Mary, the red colour of the insect her cloak, and the seven spots her seven joys and seven sorrows

  • Ladybirds spend the winter asleep or ‘dormant’ nestled in dense vegetation or bark crevices to protect them from the worst of the weather

  • There are currently 46 species of ladybirds in the UK, but the 7-spot is amongst the commonest