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Bramble fruits. Casandra Kociakbramble

Rubus fruticosus


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bramble fact sheet  

  • A very familiar, vigorous and thorny scrambling shrub
  • Flowers are white or pink
  • Fruit (blackberry) goes from green through-red, to deep purple and finally black when ripe

Where found

Common in woodland, hedges, scrub and wasteland.

Bramble flower. Margaret BartonIt will grow almost anywhere throughout the British Isles.

When to look for

Blackberry brandy recipe

A simple recipe that will make your mouth water. 

blackberry brandy

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Fabulous blackberry facts

  • The fruit of the bramble is not a true berry - botanically it is termed an aggregate fruit

  • There are around 400 micro-species of wild blackberry growing in the UK

  • Strong ale brewed from blackberries, malt and hops was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries

  • Blackberries are known to have health benefits for women due to their high levels of phytoestrogens

  • Blackberry pips were found in the stomach contents of a Neolithic man, during an archaeological excavation in Essex in 1911

  • Thorny brambles were used by the ancient Britons the way modern people use barbed wire

  • Gerards Herbal gives a remedy made from blackberry leaves 'for fastening the teeth back in'