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Dog rose. Margaret Bartondog rose

Rosa canina


Why not download our dog rose fact sheet?

dog rose fact sheet

Dog rose hips. Pete HolmesOr have a go at making Rosehip Liqueur!

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  • A scrambling shrub
  • Long arching stems armed with curved thorns
  • Produces beautiful pink or white flowers in summer
  • Has striking red "rose-hips" in autumn
Where found

In woodland, hedgerows and on scrubland

Found throughout the UK, although more common in the south. Prefers heavy soils

When to look for

Fabulous dog rose facts

  • 'Robin's pincushion', caused by the gall wasp Diplolepis rosae, is commonly found on Rosa canina

  • The term ‘dog’ means ‘worthless’, presumably by comparison with cultivated roses

  • The ancient Greeks believed that the roots of the dog rose could cure a person bitten by a mad dog - another possible explanation for the term 'dog' rose

  • The long stems of the dog rose have hooked thorns which help them to climb and scramble over other shrubs

  • The hips are high in vitamin C and were traditionally used to make a valuable syrup, especially in times of scarcity such as wartime

  • The fine hairs found inside the hips used to be popular with children, who extracted them for use as 'itching powder'