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Beech trees. Ken Lesliebeech

Fagus sylvatica


Why not download our beech fact sheet?

beech fact sheet

  • Magnificent deciduous tree that can grow up to 40m tall
  • Bark is smooth, silvery-grey
  • Leaves are pointed ovals, with slightly wavy edgesBeech leaves. Miranda Hodgeson
  • Cigar shaped buds open to reveal the young leaves which are a delicate yellow-green, turning to shiny dark green by late spring/early summer
  • Leaves turn from pale yellow through to deep orange/red in autumn
  • The triangular nuts ripen to a shiny rich brown and are held in a prickly, four-lobed casing

  • Beech leaf noyeau recipe

    Try our delicious liqueur recipe:

    beech leaf noyeau

      Beech leaves. Woodland Trust staff
    Where found

    Either in mixed woodland or standing alone, usually on chalky or sandy soils.

    When to look for

    Did you know?

    • More than 2000 species of fungi grow in association with beech. Why not download our beech fungi fact pack?

    • Beech nut oil was used in the 19th century England for cooking and in lamps

    • Beech timber has been used in the manufacture of gunpowder and as a source of creosote

    • Chips of beech wood are used as a fining agent in the brewing of Budweiser beer

    • Beech wood pulp is used as the basis for manufacturing a textile fibre known as Modal